Company’s history

Mediterranea S.r.l. was founded in Mezzolara di Budrio a few kilometers from Bologna in January 1990 with its own branded line of fertilizers. The founder, Giacomo Abrignani, understood that despite a growing market demand, there was a lack of organized companies capable of producing fertilizers due to complex and strict regulations that required companies to produce fertilizers in facilities that had special safety and suitability features.
Giacomo Abrignani decided to transform the company into one of the most important contract fertilizer production companies in Italy. The company within a few years is able to produce, distribute, market and stock fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural chemicals.
Within a decade, the company develops from a small local business to a structured company that expands throughout the national market in a widespread manner, taking care of mutual trust relationships with the most relevant manufacturers in the industry. The company is characterized by the ability to create formulations aimed at satisfying the specific needs of companies through continuous innovation and extensive research of solutions that aim to solve specific problems or "tailor-made solutions" for the most demanding customers.
Giacomo Abrignani leaves us after a long illness. There is the transition to the second generation with daughter Cristina leading the company in the role of administrator, strengthened by the experience gained in the field alongside her father Giacomo. Cristina, together with employees and collaborators, consolidates the company's turnover and modernizes the production department by introducing an automated process thanks to which today the company is able to offer customers a 360-degree service that also includes the packaging of powders. Today the company is a leader in Italy in the formulation of innovative agricultural products that guarantee a high level of nutrition, efficacy and purity suitable for all types and sizes of crops, improving the production yield of soils and enhancing the natural defenses of plants.