Company’s history

La Mediterranea S.r.l. established in Mezzolara di Budrio in January 1990. It settled in the nerve center of the Po valley, a few kilometers from Bologna. The founder, Giacomo Abrignani, bought a small company with the ingenious idea of making it one of the most important companies which produce fertilisers on behalf of third parties. It is mostly a local company, a point of reference for the agricultural and industrial operators that want to expand.
The company from a small firm became a company that now faces the national market in an extensive way, taking care of the relationship of mutual trust with the most relevant customers in the sector. Abrignani's intuition is fully realised by providing customers and the market with reliability and with successful products.
Giacomo Abrignani left us after a long illness. The resourcefulness and optimism, combined with respect for environment, are the defining characteristics of this company. Giacomo's experience in the field is passed on to his daughter Cristina, now the CEO, to the grandchildren and to all the collaborators and employees who are part of the family. In Giacomo's memory and teaching, Cristina, with the support of the current team, represents a point of reference for customers. The continuous training and the expertise offered to the customer consolidate a network of trust that allows lasting and successful collaborations in Italy and abroad, also thanks to the deepening of knowledge in the field and at the cutting edge of investing.